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Contact Us

We can be reached by:

Email:  Sales@BumbaBella.com

Telephone: (225) 284-1098

Mailing Address:
            2415 Dogwood Av
            Baton Rouge,  LA  70808-2123

Warnings for Spammers
Bumba Bella is catagorically opposed to all forms of 'spam'.
We will not send unsolicited commercial advertisement e-mails and we will never do business with any company that sends such e-mails.

NOTICE TO ALL 'SEO' (search engine optimization) companies and anyone offering any products or services: THIS MEANS YOU!
Do NOT contact us, offering your services.
Your company will go onto the list of companies with which we will never do business.
We will file complaint with your internet service provider.
We never 'unsubscribe' from any list to which we did not actively subscribe.
unsolicited 'subscriptions' are reported to the spammer's internet server providers.
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