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Bumba Bella's Boutique Welcome to Bumba Bella's Children's Clothing Boutique

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Clothes sewn with love.

Clothing designed and sewn with love by our seamstresses -

to let your angel know that he or she is

"special enough for a special outfit".

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Cindy Evans

The dresses are perfect. Thank You!!!
Cindy Evans
Costume Designer

Our Newest Additions

From time to time, we will post here the newest items we have added.one of our newest additions







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The dress arrived safely yesterday! It is absolutely beautiful - and fits her perfectly too! It's exactly what we were hoping for - thank you so very much! You do incredible work. Thank you again!!
Missy in Louisville, Kentucky


When you pay this much for a dress for an 8 year old, obviously the expectations are high to start.  Still you managed to greatly exceed my expectations, the dress is absolutely beautiful and the workmanship is impeccable.  Thank you so much!
E.D. in South Carolina

First Communion Dresses

The First Communion is a very special event in the life of children and their families.

The First Communion is also known as First Holy Communion. This is a very important ceremony in the Catholic Church.

The First Communion is also celebrated in other Christian churches such as the Presbyterian, Lutheran, and some Anglican Churches.

The age of children taking their First Communion is generally between 5 and 8 years.

Usually, sometime during the month of May, a child prepares with some intense studies for this step into their church’s family.

It is customary, during the ritual, that a girl wears a long white dress along with a white veil or other white headpiece while a boy wears a fancy white or traditional dark blue suit with a white shirt, dress shoes, and conservative tie.

The last day for normal orders of First Communion dresses is March 30

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The dress arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for everything - my daughter's communion dress is just perfect! You've given me a dress to pass on to both of my girls and then to pass on to their daughters. It will never go out of style - it looks exactly like the dress I wore 30 years ago!
Suzanne M.
in New Jersey

Flower Girls Dresses

How to Select your Flower Girl

The flower girl is usually between 4 and 8 years old and is ‘special’ to the bride, the groom, or both. Often the selected flower girl is a niece or cousin, a close family friend, or a neighbor. Some weddings have two (2), three (3), or even four (4) flower girls. Sometimes there is no flower girl at all.


The flower girl walks with a basket of flowers, scattering flowers, flower petals, flower stems or potpourri, before the bride makes her trip down the isle. Preferably, the basket is small and wrapped in satin and decorated with ribbons or flowers.


The flower girl usually walks down the aisle behind the bridesmaids. On some occasions the flower girl walks in front of (or behind) the maid of honor, depending on the ceremony.


Usually the flower girl is no younger than 4 years old as a younger child may become easily confused, or frightened. Girls older than eight may be better reserved for reading something aloud during the ceremony, or even junior bridesmaid.

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I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for making such a beautiful dress. The package arrived yesterday and my daughter absolutely loves it... the dress is beyond my expectations, it's gorgous!!! You are amazing, I will recommend this site to everyone I know!!!! If there is someplace I can post a review for you, please let me know. Thank you very much for the wonderful service. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!
D. S.

Christening Gowns

The christening or baptismal gown is traditional ceremonial garb for a child being baptized in most Christian denominations. The custom of wearing a christening gown goes back to early Christianity and what was known as “white week”. The white week was a time when newly baptized Christians wore white linen robes to symbolize their rebirth and new life.

Today, the child being christened wears a special outfit that is usually white, as this color symbolizes purity, although sometimes the gown is ecru, ivory, or natural. Any family member may buy, donate or make the christening or baptismal gown. In many families, the christening gown is passed from generation to generation. The fabrics most often used are 100% cotton and linen as these fabrics, with proper care and storage, will last for many years. Sometimes pure silk is used.

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Hand Smocked Baby's Bonnets

Initially, bonnets were a wreath of leaves and flowers worn to celebrate the coming of spring, the beginning of new life after the long cold winter.
In addition to natural flowers and leaves, many material were used to make these decorative wreaths, including paper, fabric, ribbon, hair, feathers, and sea shells. The round shape symbolized the shape of the sun and the path the earth takes around the sun. 

Baby bonnets were made with a wide brim and a deep curtain at the neckline to protect the baby from sun, rain and wind. 

Recently wearing a baby bonnet became popular and fashonable as babies of the rich and famous were seen wearing baby bonnets.

These baby’s bonnets are made using either expensive fabrics or traditional gingham. During the summer, baby bonnets would be made of light weight fabrics such as batiste, In the winter bonnets would be made using velvet, satin, moiré, and heavier materials in addition to being more lavishly decorated.

While most of the baby bonnets are designed for girls, there are bonnets or caps designed for boys also. The design of caps for boys is much simpler. These caps are worn when taking baby pictures, and often complement the christening outfit. 

Babies up to one year old, frequently wear a soft cotton cap to help regulate their head temperature. Baby’s bonnets usually cover the hair and ears, leaving the forehead uncovered, thus framing the face.

Most bonnet worn today are soft head coverings worn by babies. Todays bonnets are styled similar to bonnets women used to wear in the 1800’s when bonnets were fabricated from several layers of fabric by women on isolated prairie farms using available material. 

Click here to visit our 'Baby's Bonnets'.

 Here is a chart showing the sizes available from Bumba Bella

Size Description Length (inches) Length (cm) Blocking length (inches) Blocking length (cm)
Extra extra small Preemie 7 18 10 25
Extra small New born 7 ½ 19 10 ½ 27
Small 6 months 8 20 11 28
Medium 12 months 8 ½ 22 11 ½ 29
Large 18 months 9 23 12 30
Extra large 2 Toddler 9 ½ 24 12 ½ 32
Extra extra large 3 Toddler 10 25 13 33

Click here to visit our 'how to make a smocked baby bonnet tutorial'.


Preemie - New Born - Dolls

Here are some babymeasurements that Bumba Bella Boutique uses, as a guide, when making the Preemie and Newborn baby items. This chart attempts to reconcile differences in data available. Please note that the size of the items made using this chart may vary with style. In addition, this information is representative of babies measurements which vary greatly due to  innumerable factors.


M (Micro)

T (Tiny)

P (Preemie)

NB (Newborn)

Weight (lb)

1 – 2

2 – 3

3 – 5

5 – 8

Weight ( kg)

0.45 – 0.9

0.9 – 1.4

1.4 – 2.3

2.3 – 3.6

Length (from shoulder to hem)

6 “ (15 cm)

11½” (29 cm)

14” (36 cm)

16” (41 cm)

Abdomen (circumference in line with their belly button)

7½” (19 cm)

9½” (24 cm)

11” (29 cm)

1½” (35 cm)

Circumference around the neck

4” (10 cm)

6” (15 cm)

7½” (19 cm)

7¾” (20 cm)

Chest (circumference around the chest under their arms)

6” (16 cm)

9” (23 cm)

10½” (26 cm)

12” (30 cm)

Arm Length (from shoulder to wrist)

3½” (9 cm)

4½” (11 cm)

5½” (14 cm)

6½” (16 cm)


Boys Rompers with Hand Smocked Insert

Originally, rompers were only for baby boys and were one-piece suits. Boys rompers were mostly worn by pre-school children, being popular among nursery age children. Rompers are functionally and intended mainly as a play suit. Although some formal rompers are made using fabrics such as velvet and silk, most rompers are made using light weight fabric and are designed to be loose fitting. Rompers come in different styles and closed, almost always, with buttons. Rompers come with different pants and sleeves lengths. Some romper styles have the blouse joined to the pants. More stylish now is the separate two (2) piece outfit, mostly with front buttoning. The light blue fabric is especially popular. Rompers are one of several boys garments that have a front pleated insert. This insert is usually hand smocked although some may be machine smocked or machine embroidered. When the front insert is enhanced with picture smocking, these pictures often use animals, cars, trucks, buses, and trains among other topics.

Dressy romper outfits are often used in formal occasions, such as christening ceremonies, dedication, Easter, and Christmas.

Click here to visit our 'boys rompers'.

 Here is a chart showing the sizes available from Bumba Bella

Size 6 months 12 months 18 months 2T 3T 4T
Inseam (inches) 1 ¾ 2 2 2 ½ 3 3 ¼
Length shoulder - hem (inches) 17 18 18 ½ 19 ½ 21 22
Width (widest point across) (inches) 11 ¼ 12 12 ¼ 12 ½ 12 ¾ 13 ¼
When we asked Emily if we could quote her on our website after she said "I love the bonnets, and will probably order more! -- Emily" She said, "Yes you may quote me! I am just thrilled with them!. You may also say that they are a very reasonable price for a high quality product. I order bonnets for my twins online all the time, and it's really hard to find well sewn bonnets for a realistic price. :-) . "

Drawn Work Lace Dresses

drawn work lace

Drawn-work Lace is painstakingly made by carefully removing, by hand, some threads from the fabric and then embroidering with other threads to form a lace like fabric.

It is strikingly beautiful. The image to the right shows one of the steps in making drawn-work lace using 1/16 gingham fabric. 

Pulled-thread work and withdrawn work are synonyms. Gingham fabric is especially suitable for pulled-thread or withdrawn work because this fabric is evenly woven. That is, gingham has the same number of threads per inch in warp and weft. In addition, the weave of gingham fabric is slightly open; too closely woven a weave will cause the fabric to pucker when embroidered. Gingham weave, also, is not too open. The more open the weave the easier the threads can be displaced when the garment is laundered affecting the quality of the item. 

Click here to view our 'Drawn Work Lace Dresses'.


Click here to visit our 'how to make drawn-work lace tutorial'.

Susan Norris

The dress arrived and is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for your outstanding service!
Susan Norris

Christine Younghusband

Just to let you know the dress arrived yesterday afternoon and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.
in Canada

Hand Smocked Dresses by BumbaBella

Each 'Smocked Dress by BumbaBella' is a new Hand Smocked Dress, made in USA by Naturalized US citizens. We are legal emigrants to the USA, from Colombia, and proud of both our adopted country and the heritage we bring with us from our land of birth. We learned our seamstress skills in our land of birth and improved upon those skills here in the USA.


The gown fits great! Here are some pictures.
in Louisiana


I received the dress today and it is better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much for making this vision of mine so perfect.

Our Promise to you:

We make sure that EACH dress meets the following high quality standard:

Every dress MUST to be good enough for OUR grandchildren to wear PROUDLY to church on Easter Sunday.
Our dresses will NEVER be the cheapest dresses you can find. In fact, our dresses are NEVER cheap.
Our dresses are not the most expensive dresses in the world, you can find more expensive dresses.
In fact some KITS for do-it-yourself smocked dresses cost more than our dresses.

While a dress that YOU make may be more special, our dresses are, we believe, the BEST VALUE available anywhere.

Each dress we make is unique, carefully cut and sewn, pleated, hand smocked and good enough for our own children and grandchildren to wear and to treasure when they grow up.

We would be pleased if your children treasured one of our dresses.


Thank you so very much, Bumba Bella, for going over and beyond for me. The dress is gorgeous. It arrived today. God Bless you,


The dress fits beautifully! Thanks for a 'keepsake'.


A cummerbund (sometimes spelled cummerband or cumberbund or cumberband) is an accessory that consists of a broad waist sash, usually pleated, which is often worn with formal wear. The cummerbund was first introduced by military officers as an alternative to a waistcoat, and later expanded to civilian use. The modern use of the cummerbund is an alternative to the semi-formal dress code.

The cummerbund is essentially a wide band around the waist, made using fabrics of many colors. Although, initially the cummerbund had the pleats face up, the contemporary use is with the pleats down as its use is purely aesthetic.

In flower girl dresses, it is common to see colored cummerbunds, often matching, the bridesmaid dresses fabric.

Click here to visit our 'Cummerbunds'.

"Excellent news, the dress arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful 
and perfect for our little girl's baptism and first birthday.

I really appreciate all the hard work that has been put into getting the
dress to us ... half way round the world in just a matter of days.

The dress is so lovely and I will be sure to send a photo of her in the 

Thanks very much and have a wonderful Christmas!

Kylie in Australia"

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