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Design your own smocked dress FREE Shipping

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If you are allergic to cigarette smoke, you need not worry about one of our dresses smelling like cigarette smoke
Design your own smocked dress FREE Shipping
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Pick the size, color, basic form, fabric, and smocking design you want

When making garments for children, Bumba Bella chooses durable fabrics that will survive a lot of wear and tear. These fabrics are firmly woven fabrics, soft, absorbent, and not “itchy”. We avoid loosely woven and knitted fabrics that may snag or catch. We choose 100 % cotton and polyester cotton blends to provide comfort, durability, and easy care.

"Most of our dresses are white or light pastel in color, which children like.

Children also like prints. Bumba Bella uses small printed designs, small stripes, and small plaids, in scale with your child's size, so the printed design will not be overpowering.

Bumba Bella often adds a touch of trim to make the garment more special to your child. In selecting our patterns and fabrics, we give careful consider to the type of trim. Some trimming possibilities include decorative machine stitching, embroidery, smocking, ribbons, braid, rickrack, appliqués, ruffles, lace, and bias binding. We make sure that whatever type of trim is selected, the care requirements are compatible with the main fabric.

For special orders, Bumba Bella can cut the dress pattern types based on body measurements, instead of the child's age.

Children grow rapidly, so measurements need to be taken often. The different patterns types designed for children are the following
" • Babies - designed for children who are not yet walking. Bumba Bella selects these patterns based primarily by weight and length of the child. The baby sizes are newborn and six-month.
• "Toddlers - designed for a child who is trying to walk or just started walking. This child figure is taller than a baby and shorter than a child. For toddlers, Bumba Bella chooses the size considering the measurement that is closest to chest measurement. Roughly for children between 7 months to 1 year old.
" • "Children – in general, the children sizes have the same chest and waist as toddler sizes. Bumba Bella uses the children’s size for taller than toddlers children with wider than toddlers shoulders and back. Generally, for children between 1 and 3 years old.
" • Girls – Bumba Bella uses the girl sizes for the younger figure. Usually for girls between 3 and 8 years old.

When selecting the pattern for children and girls, Bumba Bella uses the closest size matching the chest and back waist length. For special orders, we then modify the design to produce an exact match to the measurements you give us for your child.

See http://www.bumbabella.com/measuring for pictures of how to make the measurements needed.
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