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First Communion Veil - Stella Maris
First Communion Veil - Stella Maris
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This soft, non-scratchy tulle, durable veil, is made using Illusion tule. This veil appropriate for First Communion, is light, drapes well, and is comfortable" to wear.

The lengths of the two (2) veil layers are approximately 14 and 20.5 inches. This veil is full and trimmed with ¼ silk white flat ribbon sewn to one side of the tulle.

This veil is held in place with a 2” clear plastic comb which has tiny elastic loops to securely pin the veil into your hairdo. This allows the veil to be suitable for many hair styles.

NOTE: Remove the First Communion veil from the packaging and allow the veil to hang for approximately two (2) weeks before wearing. This procedure will allow any creases to drop out naturally. If creasing is "persistent, or time is limited, hang the veil in a humid environment to speed up" the process. Do not iron the veil.

When storing the veil make sure to give reasonable space for hanging. Don’t attempt to squeeze it in between your other hanging clothes. A damp storage environment is not a good choice for your veil. Soap and cold water will do the cleaning. Scrubbing hard will damage the fabric. Don’t use dryers or any source of heat to dry this veil. Do not iron. Just hang it in an open surrounding to drip dry.

 The mannequin is not included.

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